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Automatic Bagging System (Volumetric or Weight)

New European-designed, vertical form-fill-seal from B&C Automatic Machinery, offers flexibility of packaging a variety of products from 10-120 liters (up to four-cubic-feet), with features such as side-gussetts for easier stacking, compression cycle for square bales, die-cut handles, zipper re-closures, and easy-bag opening, revolving quick-change system for forming tubes, product settling devices, and bag turning and compression discharge conveyor, at speeds up to 22 bags/minute. Integrated product blending, screening and feeding systems, along with high or low-level palletizing and pallet wrapping systems are also available.

Compression Baling Systems
Creative Packaging offers several, unique compression baling systems for wood shavings and sawdust (animal bedding), potting soils, chopped straw or hay, hemp, insulation, and hydraulic mulch, yielding 250-300+ bales/hour. Bale sizes range up to 340mm (13.4") x 500mm (19.7") x 795mm (31.3"), and up to 30 kg, via a overhead weighing system with self-compensating feature for varying product weight density.
The baler, such as the Model BPV275 shown, automatically folds and seals printed poly film around the bale prior to exiting the machine; thereby, eliminating the need for pre-formed bags, at savings of some 10-15%.
Automatic Bagging System (Volumetric or Weight)

Automatic bag-filling machine with front bag placer PRENS-T (field application: build industry pre-mix-chemical product).
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